Membership Criteria

Any aromatherapist who seeks to join the BCAOA must meet the following criteria:

  1. Education:
    1. Applicants Trained Prior to 2004. All applicants who have entered the aromatherapy field prior to 2004 are subject to sit a BCAOA exam.

    2. Applicants Trained After 2004. All applicants who have entered the aromatherapy field after 2004 must have completed their studies and have graduated from an aromatherapy course that met the standards in place at that time. Students cannot be accepted for membership.

  2. Membership in an Aromatherapy Association recognized by the BCAOA.

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Website Release Form

Trademark Agreement

Registered Trademarks

Modalities Form

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New Membership fees include $70 for membership + $55 for the Registered Aromatherapist - RA® certificate + $5 Aministration Fee = $130.00

Renewal Annual Renewal is $70 + $5 Administration Fee = $75.00